Enhancing Educational Opportunities

A primary objective of YU-CARE is to provide educational opportunities for students at all levels of study and the community in the area of aging.

The Cross-Disciplinary Certificate in Aging is an example of the great strides YU-CARE members have taken to enhance widespread understanding of many topics related to aging.

Certificate in Aging

A Cross-Disciplinary Certificate in Aging will be offered to students at the 3000 and 4000 level enrolled in degree programs in the Faculty of Health beginning Fall/Winter 2016-17. This Certificate in Aging brings together courses across different disciplines (Kinesiology and Health Science, Psychology, Sociology, etc.) with the underlying theme of aging.

The general objectives of the certificate and details on enrollment can be found by visiting the Faculty of Health's page on the Certificate in Aging.

For any questions about course content, please contact us.