YU-CARE Aging Research Collection

The research produced by YU-CARE members on the subject of aging is impactful at the individual, organizational, and societal levels. YU-CARE members investigate a wide span of themes and topics relevant to the aging experience of people in Canada and around the world.

Themes include:

The psychology of aging

Research explores the impact of the perception and stereotyping of aging on older adults; the role of mental illness and illnesses in the aging experience; psychosocial components that diversify the aging experience; and the role of drama and art in transforming care practices and the perception of aging by older adults and society.

Physiology, biomechanics, and aging

Researchers investigate the pain and chronic pain experiences and attitudes of older adults; the effects of age on the physical body; and the impact of physical activity and exercise on older adults.

Cognitive neuroscience of aging

Among several topics, studies investigate memory changes; motor coordination; perception; attention; learning; and executive function among older adults. Related research explores different cognitive therapies and treatments.

Diversity and aging

Research covers a variety of topics related to the diversity of experiences in aging; the psycho-socio-economic barriers to successful and healthy aging; and the role of community programs in contributing to the lives of older adults.

Care work, practices, and delivery

Research explores topics including the impact of care work policies and regulations on work organization and working conditions; the relationship between labour, gender, and precarity in the field; and the impact of care delivery models on workers and the quality of geriatric care.

Aging policy and healthy aging promotion

Research concentrates on such topics including the impact of retirement and pension policies on older adults and the economy; the effect of long-term care policies and regulations on older adults; and sports & leisure programs that promote healthy aging.

Please follow the links for each theme to find a collection of the research related to aging produced by the YU-CARE Steering Committee and Associate members, organized by topic.

Download a PDF version of the entire YU-CARE Research Compendium [PDF].