Aging Research Collaboratory Seminar

Researchers Studying Aging at York

Join us for the first Aging Research Collaboratory session hosted by YU-CARE to hear about and engage with each other about inter-disciplinary research methods and methodologies for conducting aging research at York!

Please note this is an Internal Event open to York University Faculty Members and Students only.

Bri Darboh & Karin Kantarovich June 10, 2021

Looking a little deeper: Multimethod investigations of late-life development

Dr. Shital Desai & Saadia Riaz April 15, 2021

Designing technologies for people with early onset dementia: a participatory design approach

Sara Pishdadian March 31, 2021

Best practices for assessing cognitive decline in aging research

Dr. Lauren Sergio & Alica Rogojin February 23, 2021

Assessing and improving brain networks for daily function in those at risk for dementia

Dr. Sean Hillier, Elias Chaccour & Hamza Al-Shammaa November 19, 2020

Indigenous Aging in the Age Friendly City